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Stage 6 Primary Care Facilities

Asian Primary Care Facilities - click to view list

Singapore (1 Facility)

National Skin Centre (NSC)

Australia Primary Care Facilities - click to view list

Australia (1 Facility)

The Royal Children’s Hospital Hervey Bay (96 beds)

Middle East Primary Care Facilities - click to view website

"PC-EMRAM is an excellent and key benchmark for NSC to improve patient safety, care and treatment outcomes. We will strive to advance our fully integrated paperless EMR system to serve our patients even better and aim to achieve Stage 7 certification."

- Professor Goh Chee Leok,
Senior Consultant Dermatologist
Chairman of Medical & Healthcare Informatics,
National Skin Center (NSC), Singapore.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on how to obtain your hospital's PC-EMRAM score, contact Tina Hashim at:
+65 6664 1185 or email her at