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For Healthcare Providers

Together we can improve and advance the future of healthcare.

The HIMSS Analytics® Asia Pacific Database is the most comprehensive collection of the best intelligence in the industry. Available to healthcare participants across the region, it is a resource built by, and for, healthcare professionals like you. The sharing of institution details, accomplishments, goals, and progress has resulted in the most detailed snapshot of the state of healthcare IT today. Available only through HIMSS Analytics, this collective contribution provides exclusive insight that is vital to our industry's advancement.

You can use the HIMSS Analytics® Asia Pacific Database to streamline your goals toward improving quality of care and care delivery efficiencies, chart your organisation's progress and compare with your peers, and tap exclusive resources to support your critical decisions and guide you from one objective to the next. We all want to improve the delivery of healthcare worldwide, and together we can.



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"The HIMSS Analytics Asia Pacific EMR facilitates us in justifying our investment as there are documented benefits in terms of clinical outcomes and operational efficiency from the other hospitals who have achieved the various levels of adoption."

- SingHealth, Singapore

To learn more about participating in HIMSS Analytics Asia Pacific' Annual Study, contact Tina Hashim at:
+65 6664 1185 or email her at